The end and a welcomed beginning


Growth (Photo credit: amchu)

We finished our last Financial Peace University class a couple of weeks ago. I am slowly realizing that this is not just a nine week class but a complete mind shift and lifestyle change. Yesterday, I literally threw a little hissy fit because I wanted a new pair of jeans. My husband held fast and let me throw a fit.  “It is 50% off and free shipping,” I whined. He level headedly said, “There will be other sales.”  I eventually said “oh well” I am not getting a new pair of jeans. In full disclosure, I did pout for a while after that realization.

We just got a tax bill that is making us stop our debt snowball and savings. We have to quickly save up so we can pay our tax bill by April 15.  We thought we were going to get money back from our taxes, but it ain’t so. This is where the rubber meets the road and where we put to test the lessons learned in FPU. It hurts…I don’t like it and I want to throw another fit! Honestly though if we would have received a tax bill last year I would have put it on a credit card and not even think about how long it would take us to pay it off and how much it would cost us in the end. So, I am starting to think differently about money. As painful as it might be and resistant as I am my behaviors are changing too. I think the end of the class marks the beginning of a new era and growth in our lives….financial prudence.